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    Industrial Mode

    IAC makes excellent use of operation points close to customers and markets, Cross-Strait labor specialization, and the highly efficient integration of business groups and functional resource organizations; it continues to closely integrate business, function and region. In addition to our Integrated Original Design Manufacturing (IODM) and Community Own Brand Marketing (i.e., private company-owned brand: COBM), in 2009 IAC initiated a new addition, the Integrated Product Design Service (IPDS).

    The Value Platform and Wireless Smart Clients
    IAC has combined its enormous R & D and manufacturing power with the world's foremost cutting-edge technical solutions, focusing its forces on the development of wireless smart clients. Currently it has received the support of clients and suppliers with global reputations, and with the cooperation of suppliers of Android and other mainstream operating systems, IAC is able to offer the following smart clients:

    .Smart Handhelds
    IAC began design manufacturing with small-scale handheld devices and step by step moved toward R&D in multimedia entertainment, broadband transmission and wireless communication so that new products were not only small and easily portable, they also had more communicating and computing power and were more energy-efficient. We work hard to have our handheld products operate on various platforms, such as Windows Mobile, Linux and Android, offering multifunctional integration, like multimedia video entertainment, eBooks, and GPS, to provide consumers more convenience with ever-smarter products.

    .Network Applications
    We continue to concentrate on the development of network client applications. We are deeply versed in the network communication technology of 802.11a /b/g, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, PHS, EDGE, CDMA2000, WCDMA,EV-DO, HSDPA, HSUPA, WiMAX and LTE, so that communication technologies and protocols become the core technological competency as the basis for product development and also support wireless data transmission for products with various functions.

    Wireless Smart Client Products and Technology

    Based on the concepts of "creating results," "benefitting people" and "going green," since 2008 IAC has pioneered new directions for a new generation of applications and technology in response to the changing global environment, the development and revolution in communications technology as well as the rise of "cloud" technology and services. With a core strategy of providing, linking and taking on cutting-edge cloud technology and service and then closely integrating with "cloud" applications the wireless technology, smart handhelds, and network appliances that IAC has worked to develop over many years, and at the same time recognizing environmentalism as an important social responsibility, over the last two years IAC has entered the eReader/eBook, Smart Book and cloud multi-media smart client market and has become involved in the development of numerous products.

    Diversified Product Design Service

    Following the continual maturing of our R&D, testing technology and product design capability, IAC creatively introduced the industry IODM service model, which took our outsourcing business into a brand new phase. IAC offers its clients an outsourcing service that consists of three main aspects.
    1. Product Design Service (including application development & maintenance, embedded system solutions, and hardware development & integration ).
    2. Testing & Certification Service (including system integration tests (SIT),certification, global field trials, and carrier acceptance )
    3. Manufacturing Consulting (including planning, testing, factory process management, and assembly technology).
    From software to hardware, testing to verification, design to production, many years of experience in technology R&D have given us the confidence and the ability to offer clients a full package of technological services and have won us a large number of well-known clients.