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"Social involvement" at IAC is not just a slogan or job, it is an idea deeply rooted in the values of all our employees. Since the company first began, "giving back to society" has been one of the key points of our management philosophy.
Ideas are transformed into concrete actions in the public service and community outreach activities we continue to promote. For the past five years we have offered IAC OKWAP Economic Hardship Scholarships at Taiwan universities, colleges and institutes. We also have become involved in long-term cooperation with groups that care for the underprivileged, like Children Are Us, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation and Friends of Liu Hsia. From IAC's emergency relief for the Sichuan disaster to its promotional activities for energy saving and carbon reduction through cellphone recycling, our company's efforts to give back to society are everywhere in evidence.

Owing to the rapid growth of IAC's business in the past few years, the company has become a leading, world-class manufacturer of handheld electronic products and has set up several production and R&D centers in China and Taiwan. Company activities aimed at giving something back to society have been going on now for close to five years. To effectively promote these activities at the local level, the company set up a CSR committee at headquarters in early 2008 that was composed of top managers from industry; in addition it created public service task forces at all production and R&D centers to actually plan and carry out public service activities at the local level.

IAC believes that social involvement is not only a corporate outreach activity but, as part of a shared value system, it is an action that brings together the power of employees and moves outward. Thus each public service task force has a volunteer team set up entirely by the employees themselves. These team members constitute the most important element in all outreach activities.

IAC's primary, long-term goal for "social involvement" is to work towards providing equal educational opportunities for students on both sides of the Strait, like the awarding of economic hardship scholarships in Taiwan and educational financial assistance for impoverished students in Shanghai and Xi'an that has been done for the last five years. In the future, IAC will continue to work along these lines.

Aside from providing equal educational opportunities for the children across the straits, the direction of IAC's "social involvement" is also to invest in "community outreach" and "charitable public service." The target of these activities are the community as a whole, families with economic hardships, the socially disadvantaged and those in need of emergency relief. The following key activities address this issue:
  • 1. Promoting Education:
    The IAC OKWAP Economic Hardship Scholarships have benefited 1,200 university and college students over the last five years. From a concern for dual-gender equal education, National Taiwan University's Elite Project to long-term investment in the teaching of English, etc., such activities testify to the importance IAC attaches to education as a way of giving back to society.
  • 2. Community Outreach:
    In view of the company's humanitarianism and belief in giving something back to society, IAC has all along paid close attention to all disadvantaged groups. With the expansion of company business, we have established localized public service task forces in our many production and R&D bases in China and Taiwan to get close to the people and achieve "zero distance" in our community outreach activities. Fully supported by the company's administrative resources, volunteers in the various local bases become totally involved. The Taipei head office of IAC has long given financial assistance to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, the Children Are Us Welfare Foundation and major environmental protection educational activities. IAC companies in Shanghai, Nanjing and XI'an have long embraced activities aimed at schools and homes for the young and aged in poverty-stricken areas. All these make clear the enthusiasm the company's volunteers bring to their task!
  • 3. Disaster Relief :
    On May 12, 2008, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Wenzhou in Sichuan that tugged at the hearts of the entire Chinese nation. Helping hands immediately went out from all sectors of society to deal with the disaster! The Inventec Appliances factory in Shanghai, which had been established for more than ten years, immediately donated RMB$2 million and 2,000 PHS units to the disaster area for the use of rescuers. (The communications network was otherwise completely down.) The factory also immediately launched an employee donation drive for employees in both China and Taiwan, raising RMB$1.09 million and NT$1.06 million, and collecting almost 3,000 pieces of clothing and quilts. This was followed up by canvassing company employees from Sichuan and providing outreach to them and also coordinating with the Shanghai municipal government to give priority to hiring victims of the Sichuan disaster. For these public service activities, IAC received a Silver Medal Award for Outstanding Contributions in Earthquake Rescue Efforts at the Shanghai Red Cross Awards Ceremony.
IAC Peaches for Blood Drive

Peaches for Blood Drive and Fundraising Peach Sale
IAC Chairman Jackson Chang is first to give blood.
President Daniel Li participates in Genesis Social Welfare Foundation activities.
Eden Social Welfare Foundation Deputy Executive Director, Lin Chin-chuan gives a Certificate of Thanks to IAC for its outreach to developmentally delayed children.

IAC gives support of NT$1 million to the Love Thy Neighbor Association (from right to left: IAC Chairman Jackson Chang, Love Thy Neighbor Association Director, Ms. Huang Wei-wei)
IAC Children Are Us Moon Cake Fundraising Sale
IAC OKWAP Economic Hardship Scholarships Award Ceremony
IAC Chairman Jackson Chang and Taipei Municipal Director-General of Information start the light-up ceremony for the "welfare care packages."
IAC--sole sponsor of Christmas celebrations at Taipei's Warner Village Plaza in Hsin-yi District.

IAC--sole sponsor of National Taiwan University's Elite Project.

IAC sponsors Christmas fundraising sale at Jingming 1st St. Plaza in Taichung.
IAC PHS cellphones are sent to Sichuan disaster area.
IAC PHS cellphones are sent to Sichuan disaster area.
IAC employees contribute money for the Sichuan disaster on their own.

IAC Shanghai employees contribute money to Sichuan disaster area residents through the Red Cross.
IAC Nanjing employees contribute money to Sichuan disaster area residents through the Red Cross.
IAC Taipei employees contribute money to Sichuan disaster area residents through the Red Cross.
IAC Pudong employees conduct charitable activities for Pujiang "Sunshine Homes" for the elderly and learning disabled.
IAC Shanghai, Guijing Rd. factory conducts outreach activities for the disabled.
IAC Nanjing conducts outreach activities at the welfare home.

IAC Xi'an R&D center conducts outreach activities at Shuanglong Primary School.
Phones Love the Earth Campaign--IAC employees sign their names and proclaim their determination to protect the earth.
IAC educational activities at primary schools in the Zhuanqiao area.