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Since the beginning of the 20th century, science and technology has been constantly changing and developing with increasing speed. Not only has this made the world smaller, it has brought abundance, variety and convenience to the material life of mankind.

Throughout this process, man has continuously extracted resources, endlessly digging deep into the earth upon which he lives and depends in an effort to satisfy the demands of his material life. Some of earth's precious resources have been discarded in ignorance, while some valuable resources have been consumed and have led to the accumulation of waste that has upset the earth's entire ecological balance. For the past hundred years, man has misused the store of resources available to him, and now Mother Earth has started to fight back without pity, forcing people to start thinking in earnest about the historically critical point they face--the "sustainable development" of mankind and earth itself.

"Sustainable development" is an issue all of humanity needs to face, take responsibility for and ponder together. Business, which promotes technological development and may even be the first to have started over-using the earth's resources, is even more duty bound to devote its own resources and influence to "giving back" with gratitude even as it "takes" from the earth. Business people should try hard to play the role of global citizens and perfect the practice of corporate responsibility to lead the entire society to value and carry out mankind's natural duty to achieve "sustainable development" for the earth and mankind itself.

IAC is deeply aware of the urgency of the "sustainable development" issue and for years has actively promoted corporate social responsibility in concrete ways. To further deepen and broaden the promotion of corporate responsibility, in 2008 IAC set up the IAC Corporate Social Responsibility Committee with four task forces: Corporate Governance, Social Involvement, Company Commitment and Environmental Protection. Each individual task force is composed of several working groups based on work unit responsibilities.

The President and Chairman of the IAC Social Responsibility Committee come from the ranks of top business management representatives and the Chairman and President of IAC, while each working group is headed by the most senior manager of the respective work unit. This approach is taken to achieve internal vertical and horizontal integration of PRC and Taiwan factories and work units.