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Since its founding in 2000, Inventec Appliances Corporation has held to the principles of "mutual sincerity and trust, pro-active innovation, investment in the newest technology and service to the customer." The company has devoted great efforts to technological innovation and core competence, to sound operations and management efficiency. It has paid close attention to shareholders' rights and interests and has insisted on high standards for corporate governance.
    Excellence in governance is the sine-qua-non for a top-flight enterprise. A sound and self-disciplined board of directors is the foundation of corporate governance. Effective operation of an internal audit and control mechanism, an independent supervisor exercising his function, a respect for the rights and interests of stakeholders, increased openness and transparency regarding information about company operations and the implementation of a code of ethics for professional managers--such are the guarantees for good corporate governance.

    The IAC corporate governance organization model has two elements: the Board of Directors and the Supervisors.

    Board of Directors:
    IAC has a management team and board of the directors composed of professional managers with long years of experience. Their responsibilities include appointing and overseeing the company's management staff. In addition, they are responsible for the entire operation of the company and devote their efforts to maximizing shareholders' equity. The seven members of the Board are elected by the stockholders; the Chairman of the Board is selected by the Board members. The company also invites three outside, independent Board members to strengthen the Board's professional oversight and independence. The three independent Board members include Su Shun-Xian, Chairman of the Board at MutoSilicon, Wu Hong-qi, Managing Director of the Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund and Chairman of Hua-ren Chuang-yi Corporation and Professor Li Lin-shan, Chairman of the National Taiwan University Commission on Research and Development. 

    The Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the company's internal audit and control system. This covers the examination of finances as well as records related to company operations. The audit and subsequent report are submitted according to procedure to the Supervisors for periodic review. The company's Board members, Supervisors, managing director, treasurer and auditor also convene a quarterly information forum with a CPA to discuss governance issues during which time views are exchanged on the various mechanisms in place and their implementation.

    The company also spares no efforts in its pursuit of information disclosure and the transparency of financial information. And also, the company conforms to the principles of accuracy, completeness and fair disclosure. On its website and the Market Observation Post System, the company discloses firsthand financial data and important news. At the same time, via the company's annual report, letter to shareholders, shareholders' meeting, participation in institutional investment seminars, and personnel who maintain a contact window for investor relations, the company has a detailed exchange of information with shareholders relating to its business concept and policies, operational and financial information, the promotion of corporate governance and social responsibility, and major decisions of the shareholders' and board of directors' meeting in order to ensure that shareholders can obtain the latest and most accurate information about the company to serve as a basis for investment. (Click “Investors Relations”for further related information.")