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Occupational Health and Safety:
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Concern for Health
Providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and their family members, this is Inventec Appliances Corporation's responsibility. IAC firmly believes that only physically and mentally healthy employees are able to have an active and positive frame of mind toward their work that will enable them to work to their full capacity. IAC has set up infirmaries staffed by professional healthcare personnel in all its plants, which facilitate employee health check-ups and temporary rest and recuperation. They also provide services to dress wounds, change dressings and handle emergencies These infirmaries create a work environment that puts employees' minds at rest.

Fostering Talent
People are IAC's most important resource, and training programs are critical tools to ensure that this resource can continue to grow in value. Thus the fostering and development of talent is one of IAC's top priority tasks. 教育訓練

IAC greatly values employee training and development. To provide a clear blueprint for career development, IAC has invested considerable resources in employee training. As new employees come on the job there is an orientation training program for them where the company's business philosophy is explained through regular and online courses, including concepts and policies relating to company social responsibilities. For management-level employees, the company has put together a series of leadership training courses. In addition to all this, the company makes available information on outside training programs, offering employees the chance to apply for participation and providing financial assistance to encourage their further and continued study.終生學習
Looking toward the future, IAC will further develop its system for fostering upper management talent to prepare the next-generation management team. On another front, focusing on individual positions, the company will develop a complete career development and training map so every IAC employee can have his or her own clear study and career development blueprint, have a prescribed order to follow and enjoy their studies.

Code of Behavior
A code of behavior is the touchstone for business employees' behavior, as well as a demand they make on themselves. Excellent personal character and deportment allows business people to win society's approval and respect for their own work environment as well as the business' highlighted ethics and civic responsibility. So colleagues value and identify with this code of behavior, new employees begin receiving orientation training on standards of behavior from the very first day they report to work.

Human Rights
IAC unequivocally announces its adherence to regulations that reject the use of child or forced labor. Thus any and all actions that could lead to hiring child workers or forced labor are forbidden. Furthermore, IAC does not discriminate against any employee on the basis of gender, race, geography, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political orientation or association.

Communication Mechanisms
Except on basic employee policy, IAC has always valued employee opinion in the hope of giving all employees space to fully exploit their talents and abilities. Any IAC employee may at any time express his or her own individual opinion on employee rights and interests, employee welfare, and company management as well as the work environment. The company has also created a number of internal communication channels, including a Chairman's Mailbox and an employee complaint channel, to help provide immediate and effective solutions to employee problems.Chairman's Mailbox